For those of us who have said these words, “…from this day forward… till death do us part.” Or, “Congratulations on the birth of your child.” At those moments, very few, if any, will consider the possibility of bereavement breaking into their lives when not expected.

Norman and Doreen Christie said those words “death do us part,” at their wedding, and journeyed together until a fateful day in Spain, when Doreen passed away suddenly, leaving Norman shattered and heart-broken. He found himself numb, lonely, and wondering how he would cope without his wife and best friend for over fifty years.

Yet, God had a plan. While darkness sought to invade his life, God would bring him on a path of recovery.

He learnt that praising God for when times are good is commendable; but to praise Him when life is taken… that does take faith. Norman turned to the God that brought them together as a couple to now lead him again.

Included are insights of what God taught him, and a collection of more than twenty of Norman’s poems – written for private solace. By request, they are being made public for the first time.

It’s time to go on a journey through bereavement and into hope with “A Life Lived with Love.”